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Find relax with friends or family in the coffee shop Zum Arabischen Coffe Baum at in Leipzig. The most popular dressers in cafeterias of Leipzig in 2013 was corn cookie. There are several coffee beans that are widely used in the markets like santos or caturra.

Leipzig softbrew - where to buy

  • 1. The most importance ingredient of the taste of coffee is the origin of the beans
  • 2. The instrument used for brewing like for example aeropress affects the flavor of the infusion. some instruments are fully manual and some of them requires electicity
  • 3. The grinding method and the size of coffee beans also have a significant effect on the taste of the beverage.
  • 4. Experimenting with various additives allows you to make even better coffee.
The coffea tree averages from 5–10 m (16–33 ft) in height. As the tree gets older, it branches less and less and bears more leaves and fruits.
Most of this coffee is grown in Brazil.

Good Cafes in Leipzig 

In general coffee beans are available almost anywhere in Leipzig and they have a large range of sizes including: small, medium, large, extra big. There are also some coffeeshops on the main thoroughfares which serve coffee beans like espresso, iced coffee or espresso crema. They also serve a wide range of beverages including soft drinks, tea and hot water.

There are also a range of cafes with their cafes selling a range of coffee drinks including: milk tea, coffee, coffee and tea, chocolate, hot tea, coffee, sweet and hot chocolate drinks, iced or iced coffee, iced tea, coffee, coffee with sugar. Café de la Paz at the Old Town in Leipzig Café du Parc in Nuremberg is known as the best and most popular coffee shop in the entire German capital.

It was founded in 1879 and has become the most popular place where coffee is served. The main room is large, decorated with pictures, books and photographs from the 18th century and includes the famous famous barista. Caffeinated coffee is made with the old European style espresso machine.

There is also various other coffee services such as lattes, cappuccinos or milkshakes, coffee and tea. There is also a range of restaurants in this location. La Boulangerie at the corner of Gewirkne and Bischofen is a famous coffee shop on the corner of the main roads leading from Potsdam to Leipzig. It was opened in 1790 by the brothers Leif-Peter and Johann Pfeifel in Nuremberg.

It has since grown to cover 2,500 square feet of coffee and it is still going strong. The coffee shop offers lattes, pastries and other sweets. One of the coffee services is: milkshakes and coffee. 


Brühl 1, 04109 Leipzig, Germany

GPS : 51.343375, 12.3736092

Users reviews of Nespresso Leipzig

Café Luise

Bosestraße 4, 04109 Leipzig, Germany

GPS : 51.3404228, 12.3686249

Users reviews of Café Luise Leipzig

Café Central

Reichsstraße 2, 04109 Leipzig, Germany

GPS : 51.3400415, 12.376847

Users reviews of Café Central Leipzig

Café Tunichtgut

Kolonnadenstraße 5, 04109 Leipzig, Germany

GPS : 51.337954, 12.367504

Users reviews of Café Tunichtgut Leipzig

Café Wagner

Richard-Wagner-Platz 1, 04109 Leipzig, Germany

GPS : 51.3432835, 12.3721468

Users reviews of Café Wagner Leipzig

Café Gloria

Thomaskirchhof 15, 04109 Leipzig, Germany

GPS : 51.338881, 12.3724106

Users reviews of Café Gloria Leipzig

Café Barbakane

Universitätsstraße 9, 04109 Leipzig, Germany

GPS : 51.3373421, 12.3791034

Users reviews of Café Barbakane Leipzig

Café Kandler

Thomaskirchhof 11, 04109 Leipzig, Germany

GPS : 51.339159, 12.3734799

Users reviews of Café Kandler Leipzig

Kaffeehaus Riquet

Schuhmachergäßchen 1, 04109 Leipzig, Germany

GPS : 51.340671, 12.3769449

Users reviews of Kaffeehaus Riquet Leipzig

Café Kandler

Nikolaistraße 3, 04109 Leipzig, Germany

GPS : 51.3401682, 12.3778608

Users reviews of Café Kandler Leipzig

Coffee Culture

Grimmaische Str. 25, 04109 Leipzig, Germany

GPS : 51.3388082, 12.3775128

Users reviews of Coffee Culture Leipzig

Zum Arabischen Coffe Baum

Kleine Fleischergasse 4, 04109 Leipzig, Germany

GPS : 51.3411192, 12.3726842

Users reviews of Zum Arabischen Coffe Baum Leipzig

Hainstraße 17-19, 04109 Leipzig, Germany

GPS : 51.3420944, 12.3728237

Users reviews of KÖ Leipzig


Dittrichring 18 - 20, 04109 Leipzig, Germany

GPS : 51.341315, 12.371217

Users reviews of Telegraph Leipzig


Universitätsstraße 9, 04109 Leipzig, Germany

GPS : 51.3375083, 12.3793833

Users reviews of Moritzbastei Leipzig


Barfußgäßchen 3, 04109 Leipzig, Germany

GPS : 51.3407604, 12.3738644

Users reviews of BELLINI'S Leipzig

Opern Café

Augustusplatz 12, 04109 Leipzig, Germany

GPS : 51.340048, 12.3810753

Users reviews of Opern Café Leipzig

bau bau

Karl-Tauchnitz-Straße 9-11, 04107 Leipzig, Germany

GPS : 51.3340924, 12.3659894

Users reviews of bau bau Leipzig

Café Corso

Brüderstraße 6, 04103 Leipzig, Germany

GPS : 51.3336839, 12.3788657

Users reviews of Café Corso Leipzig

Cafe Wintergarten

Wintergartenstraße 2, 04103 Leipzig, Germany

GPS : 51.3427075, 12.3838595

Users reviews of Cafe Wintergarten Leipzig

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