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Why we love coffee ?

We love coffee! We love its smell, taste and aroma. We like to enjoy this moment when a cup with aromatic contents approaches our lips, and the attractive scent stimulates our senses. A moment with coffee is our little moment of luxury during the busy day. Why, without coffee, we can not imagine life and a single day worked? You'll find the answer here, along with the recipe for Pumpkin Spice Latte, which can also be made at work.

Coffee - worldwide known drink

Coffee has been known to mankind for thousands of years. It has gained so much popularity around the world that many people can not imagine the morning without a cup of this aromatic drink, around which a certain worship of spending time has also spread. A quick meeting with a friend is simply "going out for coffee". There are more and more places where we can drink very sophisticated versions of coffee drinks, but often we like this traditional approach the most. As it turns out in different countries, drinking coffee looks a bit different.

Which habits are the closest to you?

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Cafes & coffees shop worldwide

What else you can find on this page?

Well, we have collected here everyhing about coffee and driniking culture.

We would spend our time eating, drinking, working... We could hardly wait for our coffee to be ready. We could not wait until we had finished our daily chores, and the coffee was ready to be enjoyed.

We love the smell of coffee, but also of the flavor and aroma it brings. Our taste buds have evolved to process and recognize this aroma and its taste in our blood, so we can appreciate it without the need for caffeine.Caffeine is a great drug if it is used wisely, but like other stimulants, overuse may have less desirable results. However, too many people have the misguided belief that they will be able to use enough coffee to counteract the effects of caffeine.

How Much Caffeine in Coffee?

There are two ways a person could come up with "how much caffeine"" in coffee: you could calculate the caffeine dose of a cup, you could subtract the caffeine dose of an already low caffeine item from the total caffeine available in a cup. This seems easy enough, but actually is not so simple.The caffeine dose of the cup of coffee we enjoy is the dose of caffeine in the coffee (how much?). This dose equals the amount of caffeine in a cup, the caffeine amount in 12 ounces of coffee.

The dose also equals the amount of caffeine in the coffee, caffeine amount in 1 cup. This is the amount of caffeine that we like to test using our method.

We have a coffee-based diet in which coffee has been consumed. If you are not aware of what the word "coffee" means, please check our  wonderful site.

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If you want to prepare coffee in the comfort of your own home, visit the store

There you will find coffee machines, grinders, accessories and the best coffee beans from around the world. In the education section, we present various curiosities from the world of coffee, e.g.

Why coffee is so lovely addicting?

Coffee is addicting because it contains caffeine, a naturally occurring stimulant that affects the central nervous system. Caffeine stimulates the release of dopamine, a neurotransmitter associated with pleasure and reward, in the brain. When you drink coffee, the caffeine triggers a cascade of physiological responses that produce a sense of alertness, energy, and focus, which can feel pleasurable.

In addition to its stimulating effects, coffee has a pleasant taste and aroma that can also contribute to its addictiveness. Many people associate the taste and smell of coffee with positive experiences, such as waking up in the morning or socializing with friends, which can reinforce the desire to consume it.

It's worth noting that not everyone becomes addicted to coffee, and some people may experience negative effects, such as anxiety or insomnia, from consuming too much caffeine. The level of addiction can also vary depending on the individual's genetics, lifestyle, and other factors.


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