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In Oberhausen you can eat whoopie pie with a fantastic frappe made from charrieriana coffee beans. All arabusta fans could find aromatic americano in the Café Cordes located at Brandenburger Str. 5, 46145 Oberhausen, Germany. Making & Drinking coffee is an art and a astounding ritual. To get the best experience with your espresso macchiato you may need some equipment.

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Most people know how many activities could be done during coffee drinking. Not only smoking but also painitng are very popular.

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One has to prepare it yourself using the usual coffee grind in cold water and to make it you need to use a large quantity of roasting coffee that you buy. Then, using your fingers, you can pour out the coffee and the beans you use. The results are a beautiful cup of coffee and the whole process takes just a few minutes.

The roastings are made in an old wooden coffeemaker in the coffee shop of the local pub, which serves great macchiato. The roastings are sold in their own special cup, made using old, black tea grounds. You can use the same brew you used with the espresso drinker, or simply make your own and add to it. I have made my share with both.The first coffee drinker is usually a man who loves the smell of roasted coffee. The aroma of this coffee is strong, like the smoke and smoke is coming from a big fire. But, when you sip it, as soon as you taste the espresso, you also get the feeling of the aroma of this coffee, which has become like a warm breeze sweeping through your nostrils.

You can make your own coffee and add it to the cappuccino of your choice and enjoy the warmth of this cappuccino. If you like to drink the coffee and do not want to buy coffee, you can buy fresh roasteries in Oberhausen in the local store - all of them are located in the old bar - they are not a bit old. The price ranges are between 5-10 EURs for freshly made cappuccino, and 25-100 EURs for the roasted cappuccino. In Oberhausen the coffee shops are open all week.

Café M

Arenastraße 3, 46047 Oberhausen, Germany

GPS : 51.4922901, 6.8715671

Users reviews of Café M Oberhausen

Cafe im Kirchenzentrum

Platz der Guten Hoffnung 1, 46047 Oberhausen, Germany

GPS : 51.4911414, 6.8747351

Users reviews of Cafe im Kirchenzentrum Oberhausen

Cafe Zsa Zsa

Centroallee 183, 46047 Oberhausen, Germany

GPS : 51.490479, 6.8782992

Users reviews of Cafe Zsa Zsa Oberhausen

Eiscafé Promenade

CentrO-Promenade 135, 46047 Oberhausen, Germany

GPS : 51.4913724, 6.8776611000001

Users reviews of Eiscafé Promenade Oberhausen

Nespresso Boutique CentrO Oberhausen

CentrO, OG, Centroallee 240, 46047 Oberhausen, Germany

GPS : 51.4898707, 6.8786082

Users reviews of Nespresso Boutique CentrO Oberhausen Oberhausen

ALEX Oberhausen CentrO

Promenade 1, CentrO, 46047 Oberhausen, Germany

GPS : 51.4921993, 6.8794276

Users reviews of ALEX Oberhausen CentrO Oberhausen


Vestische Str. 45, 46117 Oberhausen, Germany

GPS : 51.5033509, 6.8780083

Users reviews of Gecko-Torhaus Oberhausen

Cafe Kiosk Jansen

Vestische Str. 131, 46117 Oberhausen, Germany

GPS : 51.507978, 6.8682630000001

Users reviews of Cafe Kiosk Jansen Oberhausen

Café und Bistro zum Flöz

Heinz-Schleußer-Straße 1, 46047 Oberhausen, Germany

GPS : 51.4936078, 6.8840666

Users reviews of Café und Bistro zum Flöz Oberhausen

Café Aroma, Ulricke Hecken

Holdenweg 14, 46149 Oberhausen, Germany

GPS : 51.5099247, 6.8390614

Users reviews of Café Aroma, Ulricke Hecken Oberhausen

Café Colina

Teutoburger Str. 151, 46119 Oberhausen, Germany

GPS : 51.5162303, 6.8723937

Users reviews of Café Colina Oberhausen

Sterkrader Klosterladen

Ramgestraße 4, 46145 Oberhausen, Germany

GPS : 51.5151915, 6.8469505

Users reviews of Sterkrader Klosterladen Oberhausen

Café Cordes

Brandenburger Str. 5, 46145 Oberhausen, Germany

GPS : 51.5167398, 6.8460051

Users reviews of Café Cordes Oberhausen


Wilhelmstraße 31, 46145 Oberhausen, Germany

GPS : 51.5170148, 6.8446558000001

Users reviews of Steh-Cafe Oberhausen


Elsässer Str. 25, 46045 Oberhausen, Germany

GPS : 51.4704, 6.85375

Users reviews of Transatlantik Oberhausen

Café Lux

Elsässer Str. 26, 46045 Oberhausen, Germany

GPS : 51.4706155, 6.8543639

Users reviews of Café Lux Oberhausen

Cafe Extrablatt

Marktstraße 42, 46045 Oberhausen, Germany

GPS : 51.469147, 6.851273

Users reviews of Cafe Extrablatt Oberhausen

Cafe Bauer

Marktstraße 124, 46045 Oberhausen, Germany

GPS : 51.4687827, 6.8582511

Users reviews of Cafe Bauer Oberhausen

Cafe Extrablatt

Pferdemarkt 10, 46236 Bottrop, Germany

GPS : 51.5218412, 6.9234306

Users reviews of Cafe Extrablatt Oberhausen

Dino´s Cafe

Marktstraße 104, 46045 Oberhausen, Germany

GPS : 51.4688967, 6.8562869

Users reviews of Dino´s Cafe Oberhausen

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