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Find relax with friends or family in the coffee shop Kaffeehaus Köhler at in Magdeburg. The most popular dressers in cafeterias of Magdeburg in 1992 was strawberry shortcake. There are several coffee beans that are widely used in the markets like mundo novo or santos.

How to make a good coffee drink ?

If you want to make better coffee drinks - consider following aspects:
  • 1. A coffee seed - there are several types of beans like gesha or guadeloupe bonifieur.
  • 2. There are several instruments that you can use to brew coffee. Even same type of tool used can significalty make the differece in taste. Popular devices are: aeropress and chemex.
  • 3. There are several types on coffee grinders: Blade grinders, burr grinders or disc and conical grinders. They could be manual (hand powered) or powered by electricity.
  • 4. Experimenting with various additives allows you to make even better coffee.
The two most economically important varieties of coffee plant are the Arabica and the Robusta. Other types like geisha are usually the mix of those two.
Most of this coffee is grown in Brazil.

Where are the best coffee shops ?

You can also buy coffee from farmers who have speciality beans from the area. The main area where you will find coffee shops is the market square of Magdeburg. It is located on square of Magdeburg in the center of Magdeburg.

The most important coffee shops in Magdeburg are: Café A.S.R.: The most popular espresso house in Magdeburg Cafe Kaffeehaus Köhler: This is a coffee shop that is located in Magdeburg market, where you will find a lot of delicious coffee. Many of the cafes and cafes of Magdeburg sell a variety of coffee.

One of them are the one that sells espresso and mocha. Mocha Café: This cafe was the best coffee shop in Magdeburg for years. It offers both mocha and espresso. There are coffee beans that are popular in the market. Bar Coffee: Bar Coffee is a coffee shop that is located in Central Market District. Here you will find a lot of good coffee. Ebony Coffee Company: This is the most important coffee shop in Magdeburg. You will find a lot of delicious espresso beans. You can even try the new mocha bean.

You can also check out the coffee beans that are sold by the market. Danish Cafe: Danske Bar coffee is the most popular bar coffee, where the drinks are served in English language.

You can also try the best coffee beans, which will make the customer satisfied. Bar Espresso: Bar Espresso is also more popular in Magdeburg. You will find a lot of delicious coffee beans. You can also try the new mocha bean. You can also check out the coffee beans that are sold by the market. Papà: Papà Espresso is a café where you can buy espresso beverages, in different flavors. Kü

Café Central Magdeburg

Sternstraße 30, 39104 Magdeburg, Germany

GPS : 52.1189905, 11.6276203

Users reviews of Café Central Magdeburg Magdeburg

M2 Cafe & Bar

Otto-von-Guericke-Straße 56, 39104 Magdeburg, Germany

GPS : 52.120769, 11.6273

Users reviews of M2 Cafe & Bar Magdeburg

Cafe Am Domfelsen

Zum Domfelsen 1, 39104 Magdeburg, Germany

GPS : 52.1207788, 11.634976

Users reviews of Cafe Am Domfelsen Magdeburg

Café "Alt Magdeburg"

Breiter Weg 8A, 39104 Magdeburg, Germany

GPS : 52.127152, 11.634639

Users reviews of Café "Alt Magdeburg" Magdeburg

Kaffeehaus Köhler

Leiterstraße 3, 39104 Magdeburg, Germany

GPS : 52.1282223, 11.6329775

Users reviews of Kaffeehaus Köhler Magdeburg

Bärios Café Bar & Bistro

Regierungsstraße 19A, 39104 Magdeburg, Germany

GPS : 52.1286622, 11.6361102

Users reviews of Bärios Café Bar & Bistro Magdeburg

Coffee Fellows

Ernst-Reuter-Allee 11, 39104 Magdeburg, Germany

GPS : 52.130218, 11.6371733

Users reviews of Coffee Fellows Magdeburg


Ernst-Reuter-Allee 11, 39104 Magdeburg, Germany

GPS : 52.1298283, 11.6381694

Users reviews of Segafredo Magdeburg

ALEX Magdeburg

Ulrichpl. 2, 39104 Magdeburg, Germany

GPS : 52.1308294, 11.6346097

Users reviews of ALEX Magdeburg Magdeburg


Breiter Weg 21, 39104 Magdeburg, Germany

GPS : 52.1314728, 11.6372088

Users reviews of Flair Magdeburg

108 Café und Milchbar

Annastraße 37, 39108 Magdeburg, Germany

GPS : 52.1277198, 11.6098113

Users reviews of 108 Café und Milchbar Magdeburg

Das Rathauscafe

Alter Markt 3, 39104 Magdeburg, Germany

GPS : 52.13142, 11.63859

Users reviews of Das Rathauscafe Magdeburg

Cafe Löffel

Mittelstraße 10, 39114 Magdeburg, Germany

GPS : 52.1296057, 11.6513819

Users reviews of Cafe Löffel Magdeburg

Cafe Del Sol Magdeburg

Markgrafenstraße 9, 39106 Magdeburg, Germany

GPS : 52.1361074, 11.6575516

Users reviews of Cafe Del Sol Magdeburg Magdeburg


Hasselbachplatz 1, 39104 Magdeburg, Germany

GPS : 52.1205034, 11.6281888

Users reviews of Square Magdeburg

Cafe Canape

Große Diesdorfer Str. 60, 39110 Magdeburg, Germany

GPS : 52.1292658, 11.5971714

Users reviews of Cafe Canape Magdeburg

Schöne Dinge Café - Alte Apotheke

Halberstädter Str. 141, 39112 Magdeburg, Germany

GPS : 52.108875, 11.598043

Users reviews of Schöne Dinge Café - Alte Apotheke Magdeburg

Cafe Yodett

Leipziger Str. 45C, 39120 Magdeburg, Germany

GPS : 52.1016025, 11.6208187

Users reviews of Cafe Yodett Magdeburg

Café Seestrasse

Seestraße 24, 39114 Magdeburg, Germany

GPS : 52.11381, 11.6611

Users reviews of Café Seestrasse Magdeburg


Halberstädter Str. 143, 39112 Magdeburg, Germany

GPS : 52.10876, 11.59775

Users reviews of Hadrys Magdeburg

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