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If you like coffee drinks like americano you can taste it in Costa Coffee in Southampton or cafe bite which is 430 meters away from the cafe bite. All robusta fans could find favorite cafe litre in the Sidewalk South located at 24 High St, Southampton SO14 2DF, United Kingdom. Sitting at round marble coffee table with apple crisp and drinking espresso is wonderful. Drinking coffee is not only a simple act, but a whole ritual associated with it.

Coffee - more than just a drink - Diana Adams reports.

Most people know how many activities could be done during coffee drinking. Not only Internet browsing but also smoking are very popular.

Best cafes in Southampton

If you like a coffee with a more exotic taste then try the "Ego Coffee" which is brewed in the "Chocolate" which is made from the "Passion Fruit" from the "Cacao" of the coffee beans.

They are available as small or small cup and are delicious. They taste good when they are fresh and they are not stale like most of the other espresso drinks.I also recommend that you try the "Dessert" which is a coffee latte or toffee cup with a sugar frost.It is really a delicious coffee.

You can buy the "Biscuit" in the coffee shop on High Street. It has a nice aroma and is a very light coffee with a nice taste. They make it for Christmas as a nice festive treat that would be perfect for any occasion.The most famous coffee beans are the Espresso beans.

They are made from the coffee leaves from the coffee tree in Italy.The name of that tree came from the fact that coffee leaves are made of coffee plants growing in the soil.

The leaves are dried up, dried out and the resulting coffee is made up of very small, little seeds.There are four types of beans that are used for brewing the espresso; American, Costa, Pareto and Costa Pareto.

The American beans are made for espresso making in the USA and are the best beans of all. The Costa beans are made from the coffee from the Costa Rican bean which is an indigenous and a very common coffee plant.

The Costa is also grown in Italy. These four beans are the main ingredients that are also needed for all kinds of espresso drinks, such as a latte, cup, coffee drink.

All Espresso drinks are made with coffee, but they usually use the beans that come from an espresso tree that is on High Street in the area in Spain. 

The story about cafe in Southampton that changed my mind

A part of my weekly routine is to go for cafe litre to Costa Coffee. It was on Monday and I felt some anxiety, I felt a little bit worried; I had not had a drink for the past four months.

I had forgotten about drinking, I was so nervous and I drank tea and lemon, a glass of sweet tea and lemon, it went well. "One thing I would really like to have before I am on stage again, is a coffee." She said that if she managed a coffee, it would help "with the nerves".

Another time, at the end of the day back at the venue, she added: "I'd like to have a tea. It all sorts when you're nervous." On some days, when she was "strict", there were two teas a day.

The actress also said that when she found that she was not drinking, she became more concerned and "moped around the house" worrying about things She added: "The first time I missed a day, I thought, 'I've got to get something back in my system.

I don't want to drink tea or coffee, I want some alcohol'." Eventually, she had a "come to Jesus meeting" with her husband and after that she came off the teetotalism and the weight loss "was incredible".

What does it mean when the numbers don't add up? So we have the figures for the first year of a woman's life: birth in 1st January, year of birth in 1st January, average age on 1st January, year of marriage in 1st January.

Then there are the birth/marriage/death/year figures for any subsequent years: birth in 1st January, year of birth in 1st January, average age on 1st January, year of marriage in 1st January, year of birth in 1st January, average age on 1st January.

Obviously, birth must come first, and death must be at the very end; but the order can be rearranged and what might happen is rather different from what you would expect. 

Costa Coffee

19, Marlands Shopping Centre, Civic Centre Rd, Southampton SO14 7SJ, United Kingdom

GPS : 50.9058973, -1.4058697

Users reviews of Costa Coffee Southampton

Allsorts Psychic Cafe

22 Carlton Pl, Southampton SO15 2DY, United Kingdom

GPS : 50.9127239, -1.4053737

Users reviews of Allsorts Psychic Cafe Southampton

Retro Cafe Cafe & Bar

34 Bedford Pl, Southampton SO15 2DG, United Kingdom

GPS : 50.9130042, -1.4063411

Users reviews of Retro Cafe Cafe & Bar Southampton

Board in the City CIC

38-40 Onslow Rd, Southampton SO14 0JG, United Kingdom

GPS : 50.9135413, -1.3988363999999

Users reviews of Board in the City CIC Southampton

cafe bite

95 Above Bar St, Southampton SO14 7FG, United Kingdom

GPS : 50.9060123, -1.4046329

Users reviews of cafe bite Southampton

Rogues Cafe

78a W Marlands Rd, Southampton SO14 7FW, United Kingdom

GPS : 50.9072068, -1.4053782999999

Users reviews of Rogues Cafe Southampton

The Artisan

Guildhall Square Sir James Matthew Bldg, Southampton SO14 7NN, United Kingdom

GPS : 50.908235, -1.405047

Users reviews of The Artisan Southampton

Cafe Portobello

35 London Rd, Southampton SO15 2AD, United Kingdom

GPS : 50.9116657, -1.4043009

Users reviews of Cafe Portobello Southampton


66 Bedford Pl, Southampton SO15 2DS, United Kingdom

GPS : 50.9133578, -1.4066326

Users reviews of Cafemonde Southampton

Costa coffee

136-, 166 Above Bar St, Southampton SO14, United Kingdom

GPS : 50.9085403, -1.4041071

Users reviews of Costa coffee Southampton

Mettricks Guildhall

1 Guildhall Place, Southampton SO14 7DU, United Kingdom

GPS : 50.9080677, -1.4038917

Users reviews of Mettricks Guildhall Southampton

Halladays Tea Rooms

6 Bedford Pl, Southampton SO15 2DB, United Kingdom

GPS : 50.9114999, -1.4057441

Users reviews of Halladays Tea Rooms Southampton

Costa Coffee Dining Level 2

15 Civic Centre Rd, Southampton SO15 1QD, United Kingdom

GPS : 50.9034399, -1.4075177

Users reviews of Costa Coffee Dining Level 2 Southampton

Costa Coffee

Grenville House, Nelson Gate, Southampton SO15 1GX, United Kingdom

GPS : 50.9081396, -1.4138051

Users reviews of Costa Coffee Southampton

Costa Coffee

7-8 High St, Southampton SO14 2DH, United Kingdom

GPS : 50.9021566, -1.4039227000001

Users reviews of Costa Coffee Southampton

Blue Box Bar & Grill

104-106 Bevois Valley Rd, Southampton SO14 0JZ, United Kingdom

GPS : 50.9180091, -1.3952489000001

Users reviews of Blue Box Bar & Grill Southampton

Sidewalk South

24 High St, Southampton SO14 2DF, United Kingdom

GPS : 50.9008806, -1.4037084

Users reviews of Sidewalk South Southampton

Cafe Português

208 Shirley Rd, Southampton SO15 3FL, United Kingdom

GPS : 50.9145871, -1.4236874000001

Users reviews of Cafe Português Southampton

Sulas Greek Café

116 Portswood Rd, Southampton SO17 2FY, United Kingdom

GPS : 50.923632, -1.394535

Users reviews of Sulas Greek Café Southampton

Crafty Bug Cafe

82 Bridge Rd, Southampton SO19 7GQ, United Kingdom

GPS : 50.902595, -1.3757998

Users reviews of Crafty Bug Cafe Southampton

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