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Have you every tried doughnut in The Minories Cafe or doberge cake in Costa ?
If not - you should try. If you stay in GreyFriars Hotel & Restaurant it is located only 40 meters away from The Minories Cafe.

How to bew a coffee drink - coffee accessories in Colchester ?

If you want to make better coffee drinks - consider following aspects:
  • 1. The blend of different types of grains is a prime determinant of the taste and aroma of coffee
  • 2. There are several instruments that you can use to brew coffee. Even same type of tool used can significalty make the differece in taste. Popular devices are: vacuum pot and vacuum pot.
  • 3. Choosing advances expensive grinders with precise grinding like disc and conical grinders will let you achieve the best and reproducible quality of coffee
  • 4. Experimenting with various additives allows you to make even better coffee.
In Colchester The Minories Cafe is 660 meters away from Costa.
Coffee plants grow within a defined area between the Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn

Best coffee in Colchester

This is one of the best places you can find for coffee in Colchester, it's a little bit off the beaten path. You don't have to drive, a cab can arrive a couple-15 minutes away and you only have to get into the place, if you want you can just walk around and check your order and it will be there.

This place offers a number of coffee services, and is quite busy as they are also on Sundays. I've found them to be very well stocked and a good place to meet up, especially when the weather is nice.

My favorite is my first try (and I have been here many times!) and it is very much my first try (and I have been here many times too), but this is my favorite because it always reminds me of my first coffee experience. This place is located at the corner of P.B. Road & Bally's Road .

New Jersey. American company " Kold Brew" is the first who brought the specialty coffee to America. After 20 years of the " coffee revolution ", american coffee is very popular. Today is the second generation of specialty coffee. Coffee has a lot of possibilities, a lot of shapes and flavors. Coffee is a source of information, a source of pleasure.

When we drink coffee we feel relaxed, we feel full of energy. Coffee is a part of the daily routine of americans, Americans love coffee and they love their coffee. Coffee is part of the american culture.

Cafe 59

59 N Station Rd, Colchester CO1 1RQ, United Kingdom

GPS : 51.8955279, 0.89588609999998

Users reviews of Cafe 59 Colchester

Caffè Kix Colchester

Middleborough, Colchester CO1 1PD, United Kingdom

GPS : 51.8927538, 0.89519799999994

Users reviews of Caffè Kix Colchester Colchester

Caffè Nero

152 High Street, Caffe Nero at Williams and Griffin, Colchester CO1 1PN, United Kingdom

GPS : 51.8896519, 0.8971616

Users reviews of Caffè Nero Colchester

Harpers Cafe

7 Culver St W, Colchester CO1 1JG, United Kingdom

GPS : 51.88915, 0.89743810000004

Users reviews of Harpers Cafe Colchester

Cafe in the Park

Colchester Castle Park, Upper Park, Colchester CO1 1UN, United Kingdom

GPS : 51.8918394, 0.90421119999996

Users reviews of Cafe in the Park Colchester

Costa Coffee

12 Lion Walk, Colchester CO1 1LX, United Kingdom

GPS : 51.8884843, 0.90080119999993

Users reviews of Costa Coffee Colchester

Jenkins Cafe

42 St John's St, Colchester CO2 7AD, United Kingdom

GPS : 51.8877139, 0.897873

Users reviews of Jenkins Cafe Colchester

Level Best Art Cafe

3 Culver St E, Colchester CO1 1LD, United Kingdom

GPS : 51.8892284, 0.9040569

Users reviews of Level Best Art Cafe Colchester

Cafe 21

21 Trinity St, Colchester CO1, United Kingdom

GPS : 51.8882119, 0.89933329999997

Users reviews of Cafe 21 Colchester


27-35 Head St, Colchester CO1 1NH, United Kingdom

GPS : 51.888621, 0.89610140000002

Users reviews of Costa Colchester


18A Sir Isaac's Walk, Colchester CO1 1JJ, United Kingdom

GPS : 51.8880001, 0.89844800000003

Users reviews of Albatta Colchester

The Minories Cafe

74 High St, Colchester CO1 1UE, United Kingdom

GPS : 51.8898283, 0.90555059999997

Users reviews of The Minories Cafe Colchester

GO4 Cafe

21 Recreation Rd, Colchester CO1 2HE, United Kingdom

GPS : 51.8795674, 0.91918320000002

Users reviews of GO4 Cafe Colchester

La Patisserie

31 St Botolph's St, Colchester CO2 7EA, United Kingdom

GPS : 51.8869822, 0.90355420000003

Users reviews of La Patisserie Colchester

Angela's Coffee Shop

44-45 Business Park Moorside, Moorside, Colchester CO1 2ZF, United Kingdom

GPS : 51.8892267, 0.91736390000005

Users reviews of Angela's Coffee Shop Colchester

H Gunton Ltd

81-83 Crouch St, Colchester CO3 3EZ, United Kingdom

GPS : 51.8877826, 0.89179660000002

Users reviews of H Gunton Ltd Colchester

Costa Coffee

Greenstead Rd, Colchester CO1 2TE, United Kingdom

GPS : 51.885083, 0.93042909999997

Users reviews of Costa Coffee Colchester

Asda Colchester Superstore

Turner Rd, Colchester CO4 5TU, United Kingdom

GPS : 51.9015136, 0.8986185

Users reviews of Asda Colchester Superstore Colchester


1A, Tollgate Centre, Tollgate W, Colchester CO3 8RG, United Kingdom

GPS : 51.8848061, 0.83448099999998

Users reviews of Costa Colchester


36 Long Wyre St, Colchester CO1 1LJ, United Kingdom

GPS : 51.8883906, 0.90244430000007

Users reviews of Greggs Colchester

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