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If you like coffee drinks like espresso you can taste it in La Poste in Tours or Brasserie l'Univers which is 850 meters away from the Brasserie l'Univers. The most popular dressers in cafeterias of Tours in 2004 was grape pie.
Remington Macias remember that day when he start his first coffee restaurant in at 21, 22 Quai Paul Bert, 37100 Tours, France. The business on coffee has a years of tradition ever before First World War the cafeterias and restaurants was the center of cultural life in Tours.
Nowadays almost every hotel or restaurant can serve you espresso. For example Hotel De L'Europe situated 1170 meters from La Poste or Restaurant coreen ichiban placed 5269.27 kilometers from Brasserie l'Univers.

Here is some historical and current facts about coffee business in Tours:

In Tours La Poste is 850 meters away from Brasserie l'Univers.
The two most economically important varieties of coffee plant are the Arabica and the Robusta. Other types like french mission are usually the mix of those two.

One of the best coffee shops in Tours

Sought out coffee beans in his coffee shop in La Poste and was rewarded: "We didn't know if you liked grape pie or not. And we thought it was just too good to be true.

In 2008, when they were serving coffee beans in coffee shops in the Parisian neighborhoods of La Gare des Peres and Boulignon, they were amazed by the coffee beans sold there.

The Coffee Shop of La Gare des Peres (2008) In La Gare des Peres, the Café Boulignon had sold its last lot of coffee beans, so the owners bought a nearby coffee shop, the La Boulignon, and installed a new coffee shop in the old La Boulignon. This is still the coffee shop where you can buy a lot of coffee beans for less than a euro a cup , but you can't buy them here if you want to enjoy the aroma of espresso and enjoy a little extra pleasure, and you can even get your money back by buying coffee beans directly from the local farmer. La Boulignon Coffee Beans and Café Boulignon Coffee Beans and Café Boulignon coffee beans and Café Boulignon  coffee beans and  coffee beans and  coffee beans and  coffee beans  in La Boulignon in 2012 In Boulignon, you will find that you can have espresso every day, on the same table with your cup of coffee, but not only that.

The same café was used, but the coffee beans were now grown in the old La Boulignon, and the owner of the café was now the same person who sold old coffee beans: Jacques Bousquet. 

In 2006, the coffee shop owners of both La Boulignon and Bouche d'Or opened up a cafe in Boulignon called La Boulignon and La Boulignon Café . 

Au Café d' en face

21 Place des Halles, 37000 Tours, France

GPS : 47.3920536, 0.67992579999998

Users reviews of Au Café d' en face Tours

Le Café Marcel

4 Place Plumereau, 37000 Tours, France

GPS : 47.394299, 0.68204249999997

Users reviews of Le Café Marcel Tours

Havana Cafe Tours

13 Rue du Maréchal Foch, 37000 Tours, France

GPS : 47.3943643, 0.68500970000002

Users reviews of Havana Cafe Tours Tours

Canadian Café

3 Rue des 3 Ecritoires, 37000 Tours, France

GPS : 47.3929046, 0.68039729999998

Users reviews of Canadian Café Tours

Vintage Café

24 Rue Marceau, 37000 Tours, France

GPS : 47.3934233, 0.68519679999997

Users reviews of Vintage Café Tours

Café du Vieux Murier

11 Place Plumereau, 37000 Tours, France

GPS : 47.39441, 0.68146439999998

Users reviews of Café du Vieux Murier Tours


31 Rue Nationale, 37000 Tours, France

GPS : 47.3941821, 0.68704579999996

Users reviews of Nespresso Tours

Café Scarlett

70 Rue Colbert, 37000 Tours, France

GPS : 47.3959126, 0.68993780000005

Users reviews of Café Scarlett Tours

Brasserie l'Univers

8 Place Jean Jaurès, 37000 Tours, France

GPS : 47.3897313, 0.68956909999997

Users reviews of Brasserie l'Univers Tours

La Poste

3 Place des Halles, 37000 Tours, France

GPS : 47.3924551, 0.67899680000005

Users reviews of La Poste Tours

Oxygène Café

28 Rue Briçonnet, 37000 Tours, France

GPS : 47.3949866, 0.6815378

Users reviews of Oxygène Café Tours

Le Blue Moaï café

20 Rue Richelieu, 37000 Tours, France

GPS : 47.3928678, 0.6849704

Users reviews of Le Blue Moaï café Tours

Le Court-Circuit

16 bis Place de la Victoire, 37000 Tours, France

GPS : 47.3938499, 0.6787491

Users reviews of Le Court-Circuit Tours

La Chocolatière

6 Rue de la Scellerie, 37000 Tours, France

GPS : 47.3940181, 0.68782959999999

Users reviews of La Chocolatière Tours

El Cafecito

43 Rue du Grand Marché, 37000 Tours, France

GPS : 47.3942633, 0.67955910000001

Users reviews of El Cafecito Tours


3 Rue Bernard Palissy, 37000 Tours, France

GPS : 47.39387, 0.69288299999994

Users reviews of L'instant... Tours

La Barque


GPS : 47.3962107, 0.69224259999999

Users reviews of La Barque Tours


Chemin des Minimes, 37520 La Riche, France

GPS : 47.3781334, 0.65642730000002

Users reviews of Paul Tours

Bar Bidule

21, 22 Quai Paul Bert, 37100 Tours, France

GPS : 47.4018431, 0.68900529999996

Users reviews of Bar Bidule Tours

Pause Café

19 Rue de la Rôtisserie, 37000 Tours, France

GPS : 47.3942171, 0.68088439999997

Users reviews of Pause Café Tours

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