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There are a lot of places in Grenoble where you can order fantastic espresso with king cake. All geisha fans could find finest cafe au lait in the Fréquence Café located at 1 Rue Expilly, 38000 Grenoble, France. Sitting at square wood coffee table with icebox cake and drinking double espresso is aromatic. Coffee drinking as any other ritual requires some tools do proceed.

Coffee consumption in the Grenoble and its impact on residents' lives.

Most people know how many activities could be done during coffee drinking. Not only book reading but also book reading are very popular.

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We recommend you to order the cake as it tastes really great. If you want something else, you are able to enjoy the espresso from a big wooden cup or in a cup of cold water. They are located in the front of the café. Prices range between 10€, which gives you good value for money. You get two kinds of cake per order: a big cup with ice and cream and a small cup with bread. The cake is a bit different: when you drink the ice cream, you get a soft and slightly milky chocolate.

The price per cup is 30€ but you can get your chocolate coffee at half price! It is also possible to order cakes for coffee, tea, coffee and coffee. Just look for the café au lait on the wall in the back of the room.

If you prefer coffee over tea and espresso, they also sell a good selection of coffee. You can even try different types: coffee, drip coffee, drip espresso, drip milk and espresso ice cream! If you want to try the best of French coffee and Espresso, go to one of the many cafés on the street. You can have a great coffee experience while walking around the streets!

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the most popular coffee bean variety used in the espresso-based drinks served at Le Cafe Noir, and where do these beans originate from?

The most popular coffee bean variety used in espresso-based drinks served at Le Cafe Noir is Arabica. These beans originate from Central and South America, as well as Africa and Indonesia.

What is the origin and roasting process of our signature blend "Café des Jeux" that we use at K fée des jeux café, and why do you think it pairs so well with our desserts?

Café des Jeux is a unique blend created by us at K fée des jeux café specifically for pairing with our desserts. The blend consists of two varieties of Arabica beans - the mild, sweet-tasting Ethiopian Yirgacheffe and the full-bodied Colombian Supremo.
The roasting process is just as important as the blend itself. We carefully roast the beans to a medium level, which enhances their natural flavors without overpowering them. This allows the subtle nuances of the Ethiopian Yirgacheffe and the robust flavors of the Colombian Supremo to shine through.
As for why it pairs so well with our desserts, the balance of sweetness and body in Café des Jeux complements the rich, decadent flavors of our pastries perfectly. The delicate notes of fruitiness from the Ethiopian Yirgacheffe and the smooth, chocolatey undertones of the Colombian Supremo blend together seamlessly with the sweetness of our desserts. It's a match made in heaven!

As a barista at Douceur Café, what are the most popular coffee blends among regular customers and how do you recommend pairing them with pastries or desserts?

At Douceur Café, our top three popular coffee blends among regular customers are as follows:
1. Espresso Blend: This blend is a mix of Central and South American beans that offers a rich, bold taste with a touch of sweetness. It pairs well with pastries like croissants, almond croissants, or chocolate-filled pastries.
2. Italian Roast: A dark roast made from 100% Arabica beans, it has a strong flavor profile and pairs perfectly with dense, moist cakes like tiramisu or coffee cake.
3. French Press Blend: This medium-dark blend features notes of dark chocolate and nuts, making it an excellent choice for those who prefer a full-bodied taste without being overly bitter. It complements classic French pastries such as éclairs, macarons, or fruit tarts.
When recommending pairings between coffee blends and pastries/desserts, I consider factors like flavor profile, texture, and sweetness level to ensure a harmonious combination. For example, a lighter roast would not overpower the delicate flavors of a buttery flaky pastry, while a stronger blend could enhance the rich taste of a dense cake or chocolate-based dessert.

What is the unique signature beverage created by our head barista, and what are its key ingredients?

Our head barista has crafted a unique signature beverage called "The Celestial Café." Its key ingredients include espresso, almond milk, vanilla syrup, cinnamon, and a dash of cardamom. This heavenly concoction is sure to delight your senses with its harmonious blend of flavors.

Recommended places in Grenoble

Cafe Rouge

5 Rue de Sault, 38000 Grenoble, France

GPS : 45.1895616, 5.7270031

Users reviews of Cafe Rouge Grenoble

Rating: 3/5 reviewed: 2023-08-02 by Timothy

Ah, Cafe Rouge! The charming little bistro nestled in the heart of Grenoble, France, where the cobblestone streets are kissed by the gentle embrace of the Alps. I had the great fortune of visiting this enchanting establishment with my dear sister during a recent sojourn, and though we were greeted warmly by its inviting facade, our experience was tainted by an inconvenience that would mar the memory for some time.
The air was heavy with anticipation as we stepped through the doorway, where the scent of fresh-baked baguettes and sizzling garlic wafted through the air. We were seated in a cozy corner booth, adorned with checkered tablecloths and twinkling fairy lights that danced upon the walls like a thousand little stars. A sense of nostalgia washed over me as I took in the scene, for it seemed to me that we had stumbled into the very pages of some long-lost novel, where the world was just a little more enchanting and the days a little less ordinary.
Yet, as the hours passed like leaves drifting through autumn winds, our hearts began to sink beneath the weight of disappointment. We waited and waited for our orders to arrive, growing increasingly restless with each passing moment. The service, unfortunately, was slow - painfully so - and it seemed as though we were but mere spectators in this grand production, watching as our fellow patrons reveled in their repasts while we remained seated, empty-handed and longing for the taste of those delectable morsels that we had anticipated with such fervor.
The very act of dining is, in my humble opinion, a deeply romantic affair - an opportunity to share in the simple pleasures of life with those we hold dear, allowing ourselves to become lost in the intimate embrace of conversation and laughter. And so, as the minutes stretched into hours, I could not help but feel that our time at Cafe Rouge had been irrevocably tarnished by this one, solitary blemish - a stain upon an otherwise exquisite experience.
For though we left the establishment with full bellies and contented hearts, there remains within me a lingering sense of longing, a yearning for that fleeting moment when time seemed to stand still and we were but two souls entwined in the dance of life. And it is to this memory that I shall forever hold dear, for though the service at Cafe Rouge may have been slow, the love that we shared in its embrace will never fade or falter - a testament to the enduring power of human connection and the indomitable spirit that lies within us all.


5 bis, rue de la République, 38000 Grenoble, France

GPS : 45.1908271, 5.728608

Users reviews of Nespresso Grenoble

Cafe Curieux

2 Rue Lakanal, 38000 Grenoble, France

GPS : 45.186811, 5.7237747

Users reviews of Cafe Curieux Grenoble

Neko café

14 Rue Jean-Jacques Rousseau, 38000 Grenoble, France

GPS : 45.1914162, 5.7289015

Users reviews of Neko café Grenoble

Café de la Table Ronde

7 Place Saint-André, 38000 Grenoble, France

GPS : 45.1928509, 5.7283684

Users reviews of Café de la Table Ronde Grenoble

Rating: 4/5 reviewed: 2024-02-20 by Gemma

A local favorite, Cafe de la Table Ronde is a hotspot for university students and river strollers. Security stepped in during a heated lovers' quarrel.

Eyes Café

1 Rue Saint-Joseph, 38000 Grenoble, France

GPS : 45.1872222, 5.728713

Users reviews of Eyes Café Grenoble

Gaudi Café

5 Cours Berriat, 38000 Grenoble, France

GPS : 45.1875457, 5.7231730999999

Users reviews of Gaudi Café Grenoble

Rating: 1/5 reviewed: 2024-02-26 by Fernando Dean

As I remember, the Gaudi Café holds fond memories from my previous visit with my secret lover. Hidden in Grenoble's bustling streets, it transports you to a whimsical world inspired by Antoni Gaudi's works. The atmosphere is electric with jazz music and vibrant decor, but unfortunately, we faced rude staff.

Imagine stepping back into this oasis with polite service that adds warmth and kindness. Their specialty coffee, pastries, artisan breads, and locally sourced savory dishes delight the taste buds. The intricate decor features quirky sculptures, mosaics, and bold patterns in every corner. Private nooks provide quiet time or romantic rendezvous.

Visit Gaudi Café again for an enchanting experience with exceptional service added to its unique charm.

Le Café Noir

68 Cours Jean Jaurès, 38100 Grenoble, France

GPS : 45.1861721, 5.7181447

Users reviews of Le Café Noir Grenoble

Rating: 2/5 reviewed: 2023-04-17 by Anna Gamble

I recently had the opportunity to visit Le Cafe Noir in Grenoble, France while on vacation with my sister during October. The location is perfect, situated right in the heart of the city on Cour Jean Jaurès, making it easily accessible for tourists and locals alike. I was excited to experience this popular café, known for its unique atmosphere and delicious coffee.
However, our visit turned out to be quite disappointing due to the rude staff we encountered during our stay. As a traveler, I understand that cafes can get busy and chaotic at times, but politeness matters even in such situations. The way we were treated by some of the café's employees left a sour taste in our mouths, which overshadowed the otherwise pleasant ambiance and good food they offer.
I believe that every business should prioritize customer service above all else, as it can make or break a patron’s experience. In this case, the unfriendly demeanor of some staff members detracted from our overall enjoyment of Le Cafe Noir. I hope that management takes these concerns seriously and works towards improving their team's interaction with customers in the future.
Despite the less-than-ideal service we experienced, Le Cafe Noir does have potential as a great spot for people who want to relax and enjoy some quality coffee while taking in Grenoble's vibrant atmosphere. But until significant changes are made regarding staff behavior, it might be best to explore other options in the area.

Fréquence Café

1 Rue Expilly, 38000 Grenoble, France

GPS : 45.1893628, 5.7289021

Users reviews of Fréquence Café Grenoble

Rating: 2/5 reviewed: 2023-05-31 by Jose

Last summer, I visited Fréquence Café with my brother while exploring the charming city of Grenoble. We were initially excited to try out this popular café located at 1 Ruelle Expilly, but unfortunately, our experience was marred by the rude staff. Despite the bustling atmosphere, politeness should never be overlooked in a café setting. It's disappointing that such an otherwise enjoyable location failed to prioritize customer service.

Torréfaction Cafés et Thés Frédéric

21 Grande Rue, 38000 Grenoble, France

GPS : 45.1916937, 5.7284121

Users reviews of Torréfaction Cafés et Thés Frédéric Grenoble

La Vina

12 Place Notre Dame, 38000 Grenoble, France

GPS : 45.1926127, 5.7309706999999

Users reviews of La Vina Grenoble

Rating: 2/5 reviewed: 2023-09-11 by Barrett

Ah, my dear friend, La Viná - a place that once held such promise and allure but, alas, left us feeling more like we had been on the losing end of some grand prank. You see, it was last summer when my brother and I decided to visit this much-touted establishment located at 12 Place Notre Damé, Grenoble, France. We were drawn by the tantalizing reviews and the allure of a delightful dining experience in one of Europe's most beautiful cities.
Our journey began with an air of excitement as we embarked on our adventure to La Viná. The promise of sumptuous French cuisine, exquisite wines, and warm hospitality awaited us just beyond the city's bustling streets. As we approached the establishment, nestled among the ancient cobblestone lanes of Grenoble, a sense of anticipation swelled within our hearts.
The exterior of La Viná was nothing short of enchanting; with its ivy-covered walls and quaint wooden shutters, it seemed as if we had stepped into a fairytale. The warm glow emanating from the dimly lit windows only added to the allure of this seemingly magical place.
As we crossed the threshold of La Viná, our excitement continued to build, and we were eager to immerse ourselves in the delightful culinary offerings that awaited us. However, little did we know that our journey would be tainted by a bitter sting that left us feeling more like victims than patrons.
The interior of La Viná was no less enchanting than its exterior; with its rustic wooden tables and chairs, it seemed as if we had been transported back in time to a simpler era where the pleasures of life were savored slowly and with great relish. The soft murmur of conversation and the gentle clinking of glasses only added to the ambiance of this magical place.
Our eyes eagerly scanned the menu, searching for the perfect dish that would tantalize our taste buds and satisfy our cravings for French cuisine. We eagerly ordered a selection of appetizers and entrées, confident in our belief that La Viná would deliver a dining experience that would live up to its lofty reputation.
But alas, dear friend, our journey took a sudden and disappointing turn when the bill arrived at our table. The prices were exorbitant - far beyond what we had expected or been willing to pay for such seemingly modest fare. And as we gazed in disbelief at the astronomical sum that was now resting before us, we couldn't help but feel a sense of disappointment and betrayal that threatened to tarnish our once-enchanting experience at La Viná.
As we reluctantly paid the bill and left the establishment with heavy hearts, we couldn't shake the feeling that something had gone terribly wrong - that we had been duped in some grand scheme to part us from our hard-earned money. The warm glow of La Viná seemed to dim as we trudged back through the cobblestone streets of Grenoble, and our once-giddy anticipation was replaced with a sense of melancholy that lingered long after we had left the city behind.
In hindsight, dear friend, I can't help but wonder if La Viná was ever truly the magical place it had seemed to be in the first place - or if it had always been just a mere illusion, a tantalizing mirage that lured unsuspecting patrons into its clutches with promises of culinary delight and warm hospitality.
But alas, I must confess that my heart still harbors a small glimmer of hope - a faint spark of belief that perhaps there is still a place out there where the magic of La Viná can be recaptured, where the sumptuous flavors of French cuisine can be savored without the bitter sting of overpriced items, and where the warm hospitality of its patrons can truly make one feel as if they have been transported to another time and place.
And so, dear friend, as we part ways on this journey through life, I hope that you too will carry with you a small glimmer of hope - a faint spark of belief in the power of magic and the beauty of human connection. And perhaps, just perhaps, one day we will both find ourselves once again beneath the warm glow of La Viná, where the memory of our bittersweet experience will be replaced by the promise of a new beginning - a chance to relive the enchantment that once captivated our hearts and to bask in the glory of a dining experience that truly lives up to its lofty reputation.
For now, though, my dear friend, we must carry on with our lives - our hearts heavy but our spirits undaunted. And as we journey through this world, let us always remember the lessons that we have learned from our time at La Viná - for it is in the face of disappointment and betrayal that we can truly appreciate the beauty and wonder of life's most magical moments.
So here's to you, dear friend, and to the memory of La Viná - may its enchanting glow forever shine upon your hearts, and may the magic of its culinary delights live on in our dreams. And who knows? Perhaps one day we shall find ourselves once again beneath its warm glow, basking in the glory of a dining experience that truly lives up to its lofty reputation.
Until then, dear friend, may your hearts be filled with hope and your spirits undaunted - for it is in the face of adversity that we can truly appreciate the beauty and wonder of life's most magical moments.

Douceur café

18 Rue Lakanal, 38000 Grenoble, France

GPS : 45.1859414, 5.7227387

Users reviews of Douceur café Grenoble

Café Le Gambetta

23 Boulevard Gambetta, 38000 Grenoble, France

GPS : 45.1886929, 5.7231427

Users reviews of Café Le Gambetta Grenoble

Cafè Bayard

1 Rue Bayard, 38000 Grenoble, France

GPS : 45.1921269, 5.7314582

Users reviews of Cafè Bayard Grenoble


8 Cours Berriat, 38000 Grenoble, France

GPS : 45.1879191, 5.7223779

Users reviews of Charabica Grenoble

Couleur Café

8 Rue Chenoise, 38000 Grenoble, France

GPS : 45.1934552, 5.7313382

Users reviews of Couleur Café Grenoble

Rating: 2/5 reviewed: 2023-10-15 by Kendall Gentry

My partner and I visited Couleur Cafe last summer during our vacation in Grenoble. Despite its picturesque location, we felt disappointed due to the overpriced menu items - it just didn't align with our pleasant experiences here.

Café Pourpre Restaurant

12 Boulevard Maréchal Joffre, 38000 Grenoble, France

GPS : 45.1831991, 5.7295186

Users reviews of Café Pourpre Restaurant Grenoble

K fée des jeux

1 Quai Stéphane Jay, 38000 Grenoble, France

GPS : 45.1939521, 5.7294673

Users reviews of K fée des jeux Grenoble

Café à l'affût

5 Rue Très Cloîtres, 38000 Grenoble, France

GPS : 45.1929455, 5.7328035

Users reviews of Café à l'affût Grenoble

Restaurant Le Café Lumière

Allée Henri Frenay, 38000 Grenoble, France

GPS : 45.1826893, 5.7239767999999

Users reviews of Restaurant Le Café Lumière Grenoble

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