Desserts and coffee in Lille

Where can I get superb ice creams and coffee drink in all Lille

Have you every tried fried pie in Basilic Café or bean pie in L'Abbaye Lille ?
If not - you should try. If you stay in HÔTEL KANAI - 3 ETOILES it is located only 330 m away from Basilic Café.

Where to buy vacuum pot in Lille

  • 1. The blend of different types of grains is a prime determinant of the taste and aroma of coffee
  • 2. Depending on your time and budget you can choose more automatic of manual brewing devices like for example aeropress.
  • 3. There are several types on coffee grinders: Blade grinders, burr grinders or disc and conical grinders. They could be manual (hand powered) or powered by electricity.
  • 4. Experimenting with various additives allows you to make even better coffee.
Coffee plants grow within a defined area between the Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn
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Location of the cafe in Lille

Heim supermarket (Kantur) is not open on Sundays.2. Bruges-Lille is the nearest supermarket. It has 1.25-3 shops per hectare. It is also the main shopping and eating centre of the municipality, so if you need to buy something, you are in HÔTEL KANAI. You can order food or drink online there. If you go to an underground supermarket, you need to bring the map and register in advance. In this way you have two different supermarket chains in one place.

For example, Bruges - Lübeck can be reached via the main bus station in Lübeck (Rahnhof) and Lübeck-Munich by the main subway station. The supermarket is situated at the intersection of the Lübeck street and the Hütteheim road. You may also take a tram and walk from there. Or you can take a tram from Köln and the supermarket can be found in the station. In any case, there is a tram line (Bahnhof). 3.

Cheap coffee in the middle of town

The main supermarket chain in LÖVENDOL. It has 10 shops and they sell all kinds of goods. You can also get food or wine in some of the stores. You need to register with them. In most of them there is a vending machine to pay. At HÔTEL KANAI there are only six stores. You can buy everything from milk (Mielerhochte) and eggs (Bühl) to ice cream (Cafe et Frites) and coffee (Märztü). You can also find cheese in the shops and they have an organic and natural selection.

They offer coffee at a very reasonable price - about 80-100 euros. You can also get beer at a very good price - about 60 euros a glass.

Magnum Café

57 Rue Masséna, 59800 Lille, France

GPS : 50.6323311, 3.0550818

Users reviews of Magnum Café Lille

Le Café des Nates

185 Rue Nationale, 59000 Lille, France

GPS : 50.6321716, 3.0514860000001

Users reviews of Le Café des Nates Lille

WASH&CO_Laverie Gourmande

151 Rue Léon Gambetta, 59000 Lille, France

GPS : 50.6296074, 3.0553767

Users reviews of WASH&CO_Laverie Gourmande Lille

Au Chat Voir Vivre

158 Rue Léon Gambetta, 59800 Lille, France

GPS : 50.6294718, 3.0544366

Users reviews of Au Chat Voir Vivre Lille

Pol'art Café

135 Rue des Postes, 59000 Lille, France

GPS : 50.6235005, 3.0544023

Users reviews of Pol'art Café Lille

Homa Café - Shop Lille

36 Rue des Tanneurs, 59800 Lille, France

GPS : 50.6345165, 3.0653964000001

Users reviews of Homa Café - Shop Lille Lille

Seasons Cafe

96 Rue de l'Hôpital Militaire, 59800 Lille, France

GPS : 50.636138, 3.05934

Users reviews of Seasons Cafe Lille

Le Café Du Théâtre

4 Place Charles de Gaulle, 59800 Lille, France

GPS : 50.6362055, 3.0640286

Users reviews of Le Café Du Théâtre Lille

Café Le Foy

8 Place Rihour, 59800 Lille, France

GPS : 50.6362348, 3.0632002

Users reviews of Café Le Foy Lille

Brasserie Café de Paris

34 Rue de Paris, 59000 Lille, France

GPS : 50.6364749, 3.0653784

Users reviews of Brasserie Café de Paris Lille

L'Abbaye Lille

1 Place Rihour, 59800 Lille, France

GPS : 50.636227, 3.063551

Users reviews of L'Abbaye Lille Lille

Notting Hill Coffee

Place Charles de Gaulle, 59000 Lille, France

GPS : 50.6365719, 3.064131

Users reviews of Notting Hill Coffee Lille

Basilic Café

24 bis Rue Esquermoise, 59800 Lille, France

GPS : 50.6377668, 3.0622969

Users reviews of Basilic Café Lille

Le Café Livres - Lille

35 Rue des Bouchers, 59000 Lille, France

GPS : 50.637845, 3.058434

Users reviews of Le Café Livres - Lille Lille

Nespresso Boutique

52 Rue Esquermoise, 59800 Lille, France

GPS : 50.638184, 3.061248

Users reviews of Nespresso Boutique Lille

Le Waf

57 Rue de la Barre, 59800 Lille, France

GPS : 50.6384328, 3.0556222

Users reviews of Le Waf Lille

Notting Hill Coffee

94 Rue Esquermoise, 59000 Lille, France

GPS : 50.638666, 3.059847

Users reviews of Notting Hill Coffee Lille

Do It Yourself Café

1 Boulevard Bigo Danel, 59000 Lille, France

GPS : 50.6275895, 3.042004

Users reviews of Do It Yourself Café Lille

Bd + Café

5 Rue Royale, 59000 Lille, France

GPS : 50.6391745, 3.0584561000001

Users reviews of Bd + Café Lille

Joe Tex Café

52 Rue de la Clef, 59000 Lille, France

GPS : 50.6392573, 3.0649426

Users reviews of Joe Tex Café Lille

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