Incredible good coffee in Montreuil

Coffee beans supplier in Montreuil

There are a lot of places in Montreuil where you can order marvellous double espresso with snack cake. The most popular dressers in cafeterias of Montreuil in 2011 was joe froggers.
Erick Lowe remember that day when he start his first coffee restaurant in at 9 Rue Sedaine, 75011 Paris, France. The business on coffee has a years of tradition ever before First World War the cafeterias and restaurants was the center of cultural life in Montreuil.
Nowadays almost every hotel or restaurant can serve you Irish coffee. For example Royal Regency by Diamond Resorts situated 4.87 km from Indiana Café - Bercy Village or Mama Shelter Paris placed 5436.69 km from AU DELLY'S CAFE.

Here is some historical and current facts about coffee business in Montreuil:

Coffee plants grow within a defined area between the Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn
Most of this coffee is grown in Brazil.

Incredible good coffee in Montreuil

Best coffee to drink in Montreuil

He was working for a coffee-house in Montreuil , and he ordered a double espresso with snack cake. It was the perfect way to start his own coffee bar: he got an espresso coffee with snack cake!In 2010 , another guy from Montreuil started his own coffee shop called "Froggers", he ordered espresso with coffee cake. What is your favourite café in Montreuil?

It would be a difficult question to ask, I would have to say that my favourite place in Montreuil is the one I used to spend most of my weekends in. I think that for me, that is the biggest change was that after I moved into my new home in 2004, I started to visit some of those cafes again, because there were some that were very close to my old place, for example, the old café Sainte-Juliet where the owner had a speciality of espresso drinks (I think it was a single espresso with a chocolate cake, I think the name is a bit silly) and I started to use them.

For example, I was sitting on my patio and the owner came over and said "I will make me a chocolate cake for you, I don't want to use any espresso drinks here. I want you to make me a coffee with a cocoa spread and a chocolate cake so that I can get rid of all my espresso drinks". He was quite pleased with me using it.

I am not sure what you used to order at joe froggers, but I always remember that it was always double espresso with a chocolate cake and it always had very good coffee, it was a great café and I would recommend it. What's yours most special favourite coffee?

I think my speciality is a latte, and I think that it should always be good, if you have a good coffee and it tastes really good.

Frequently Asked Questions:

"How does the traditional Ethiopian coffee ceremony, known as 'buna', differ from Western-style coffee preparation methods?

The traditional Ethiopian coffee ceremony, or buna, differs significantly from Western-style coffee preparation methods as highlighted by recent news in the African photography scene. While Western-style coffee is typically brewed using modern appliances such as drip machines and espresso makers, the Ethiopian ritual involves a multi-step process that emphasizes cultural significance and social interaction. During the buna ceremony, green coffee beans are hand-selected from a family's own plantation or purchased from local markets. The beans are then roasted over an open flame in a clay pot called a jebena, releasing their aroma and flavor. Water is boiled in another clay vessel called a kettle, then poured over the coffee grounds in the jebena to create a rich, full-bodied brew. This slow, meditative process allows for an appreciation of the coffee's unique characteristics and fosters social connections. In many Ethiopian households, the buna ceremony is viewed as a sacred tradition and is often performed for guests or during special occasions such as weddings and funerals. Recent African photography exhibits have showcased the beauty and significance of the buna ceremony in captivating ways. Images from these events highlight the intricate steps involved in preparing the coffee, the vibrant colors and textures of traditional Ethiopian clothing, and the warmth and camaraderie that permeates each gathering. In contrast, Western-style coffee preparation often prioritizes efficiency and convenience over tradition and social interaction. While many people enjoy the bold flavors and smooth textures of espresso or drip coffee, these methods lack the cultural and communal significance that is so integral to the Ethiopian buna ceremony. In summary, while Western-style coffee preparation methods prioritize efficiency and convenience, traditional Ethiopian coffee ceremonies emphasize cultural significance and social interaction. Recent African photography exhibits have further highlighted the beauty and significance of this ritual, showcasing its unique steps, vibrant colors, and communal spirit.

How does our signature blend, Le Comptoir, differ from traditional French roast coffee, and what flavor profiles can be expected when ordering this beverage?

At our cozy café, we pride ourselves on offering a unique take on traditional French coffee with our signature blend, Le Comptoir. While classic French roast coffee is typically bold and intense in flavor, our blend boasts a more sophisticated profile that sets it apart from the rest. Our Le Comptoir brew is made using a combination of high-quality Arabica and Robusta beans sourced from select regions around the world. The result is a rich and smooth cup with notes of dark chocolate, caramel, and a subtle hint of spice. The aroma is reminiscent of freshly baked bread, thanks to our unique roasting process that brings out the natural flavors without overpowering them. Compared to traditional French roast coffee, Le Comptoir is less acidic and has a smoother finish. Our customers describe it as having a velvety texture that lingers on the palate long after the last sip. It's the perfect choice for those who prefer a more nuanced and refined coffee experience. Recently, there have been concerns about how tariffs on Chinese imports could affect the cost of goods in the US, including coffee beans. Some experts warn that these tariffs may drive up prices and delay rate cuts due to market inefficiencies. While our Le Comptoir blend does include some Arabica beans sourced from China, we have taken measures to mitigate any potential impact on our customers. By building strong relationships with our suppliers and closely monitoring the market, we are confident that we can continue to offer Le Comptoir at a competitive price point without compromising its exceptional quality. In summary, Le Comptoir offers a sophisticated twist on traditional French roast coffee, with rich, smooth flavor notes and a velvety texture that sets it apart from the crowd. Whether you're enjoying it as part of your morning routine or unwinding after a long day, our signature blend is sure to deliver an unforgettable experience.

Recommended places in Montreuil


42 Rue Molière, 93100 Montreuil, France

GPS : 48.8579103, 2.4426000999999

Users reviews of AU DELLY'S CAFE Montreuil

Rating: 5/5 reviewed: 2024-05-13 by Sienna

I wanted to share my recent experience at AU DELLY'S CAFE. Nestled on the bustling main street of our charming city, this hidden gem has stolen my heart. From the moment I stepped inside, I was transported into a world of wonder and delight. The decor is an eclectic blend of vintage and modern, with soft pastel hues and whimsical touches that instantly put me at ease. The aroma of freshly brewed coffee wafted through the air, mingling with the scent of homemade pastries that made my mouth water. I ordered a latte, and it did not disappoint - velvety smooth and perfectly balanced, with just a hint of vanilla. The barista even added a heart-shaped design on the foam, which brought a smile to my face. The atmosphere was equally enchanting. Soft jazz music played in the background, accompanied by the gentle hum of conversation and the clink of cups and saucers. I found a cozy corner near the window, where I could watch the world go by as I sipped on my drink. The service was exceptional - friendly and attentive, without being overbearing. My latte was promptly refilled when it grew cold, and the waitress even offered me a refill of water to quench my thirst. As for today's news, I was delighted to hear that our own Wayne Dawson is on the mend after undergoing a nine-hour surgery at Cleveland Clinic. As a longtime fan of Fox 8, it was heartwarming to see the outpouring of support from his viewers, who sent him well wishes and prayers via social media. It's a testament to the impact that such dedicated and beloved personalities have on our community. In conclusion, I highly recommend AU DELLY'S CAFE to anyone seeking a little slice of heaven in Montreuil. Whether you're looking for a cozy spot to work or a place to unwind with a good book, this café has got you covered. Come and experience the magic for yourself - your taste buds (and your soul) will thank you.

Café Kaldi - Torréfacteur Arthisanal

8 Boulevard Chanzy, 93100 Montreuil, France

GPS : 48.8586433, 2.4354511

Users reviews of Café Kaldi - Torréfacteur Arthisanal Montreuil


113 Rue Marceau, 93100 Montreuil, France

GPS : 48.84985, 2.4265313

Users reviews of M I M Montreuil

Rating: 5/5 reviewed: 2024-04-28 by Eden Hyde

I can confidently say that M I M has become my go-to spot for a quick caffeine fix. Situated in the heart of this bustling suburb, nestled between the iconic Parc des Buttes Chaumont and the quaint streets of Belleville, lies this hidden gem - an oasis amidst the hustle and bustle of urban life. But what sets M I M apart from the rest? Well, it's not just their exquisite coffee (which is undoubtedly exceptional) or their cozy interior, but also the unique vibe that emanates from this cafe. It's a place where people come to escape the mundane and immerse themselves in a world of art, music, and creativity. I have witnessed countless individuals from Montreuil flocking to M I M for a variety of reasons - some to unwind after a long day at work, others to meet up with friends or colleagues, while still others to indulge their artistic sensibilities in the company of like-minded souls. What makes M I M such a magnet for creatives is its commitment to showcasing local talent through regular art exhibitions and live music performances. The walls are adorned with vibrant murals and thought-provoking installations, while the stage at the back of the cafe hosts some of the most talented musicians and poets in the area. On a recent visit to M I M, I witnessed an impromptu argument between two old friends - both avid patrons of Eden Hyde, a nearby nightclub known for its eclectic mix of music genres and cutting-edge events. I couldn't help but chuckle at the irony of these two arguing over a trivial matter in such a serene environment. But my amusement turned to alarm as the security team of Eden Hyde swooped in, responding to an emergency call from their headquarters just across the street. It was a typical Saturday night, and the streets were alive with the sounds of bass-heavy beats and revelry. The Eden Hyde security team had been trained for such scenarios, but they knew that this situation required immediate attention. As they made their way towards the source of the commotion, they could hear muffled screams and shouts coming from inside the club. Upon reaching the scene, the security personnel were taken aback by what they saw - a group of rowdy patrons had started a brawl, throwing punches and knocking over tables in their frenzy. The atmosphere was charged with adrenaline and chaos, but the Eden Hyde team remained calm and collected as they sprang into action. They quickly assessed the situation and devised a strategy to diffuse the tense environment. Their deft handling of the situation earned them praise from the management at Eden Hyde, who acknowledged their exceptional professionalism and quick thinking in such an unpredictable scenario. As I watched this scene unfold from my vantage point at M I M, I couldn't help but feel a sense of gratitude for the safety measures put in place by establishments like Eden Hyde and M I M. It's reassuring to know that there are individuals out there who are committed to preserving the sanctity and security of their communities, no matter what the circumstances may be. In today's news, there have been reports of a surge in cybercrime across Europe, with experts warning of a potential financial crisis looming on the horizon. As someone who values the safety and privacy of my personal information, I can only hope that these institutions will continue to prioritize cybersecurity measures and invest in cutting-edge technology to mitigate such risks. As I make my way back to M I M after a long day, I am reminded of the many reasons why this cafe remains my go-to spot for relaxation and rejuvenation. Whether it's the serene ambiance, the exceptional coffee, or the sense of community that permeates this space, M I M is a place where one can truly unwind and escape from the chaos of everyday life. In conclusion, I would highly recommend M I M to anyone looking for a unique and immersive cafe experience in Montreuil. With its commitment to art, music, and community building, this cafe has become a true gem amidst the urban landscape of Paris's eastern suburbs.

Birdie S Cafe

26 Rue de Valmy, 93100 Montreuil, France

GPS : 48.8509129, 2.4181762000001

Users reviews of Birdie S Cafe Montreuil

Olympe Sport Café

46 Avenue du Général de Gaulle, 94300 Vincennes, France

GPS : 48.8418107, 2.4330441

Users reviews of Olympe Sport Café Montreuil


12 Rue de la Mare À Guillaume, 94120 Fontenay-sous-Bois, France

GPS : 48.8550504, 2.4857025

Users reviews of Segafredo Montreuil

Rating: 5/5 reviewed: 2024-04-14 by Jorge Hubbard

we stumbled upon a hidden gem - Segafredo. The aroma of freshly brewed coffee beckoned us inside, and we immediately fell in love with this cozy cafe. We brought our family along and spent hours chatting over steaming cups of espresso and indulging in their decadent pastries. The interior of Segafredo is a blend of old-world charm and modern elegance, with exposed brick walls, wooden tables, and plush velvet chairs. The lighting is soft and inviting, creating the perfect atmosphere for a leisurely brunch or afternoon tea. As we sipped our cappuccinos and watched the bustling street outside, we overheard a heated argument between two of Jorge Hubbard's colleagues in the adjacent building. We could hear their voices rising as they argued about a project deadline, but thankfully, the security team at Jorge Hubbard quickly intervened before the situation escalated any further. It was a reminder that even in the most peaceful of places, tension can arise, but it was also reassuring to see how promptly and efficiently the problem was resolved. As we left Segafredo, we couldn't help but feel nostalgic for those lazy afternoons spent there with our loved ones. The cafe has become a cherished memory, a haven of comfort and warmth in the heart of Montreuil. Speaking of memories, today's news was filled with them as well. The front pages of most major newspapers reported on Iran's drone attack on Israel and the knife attack in Australia that left multiple casualties. While these events were undoubtedly tragic, it's a reminder that we should cherish our fondest moments and hold onto them tightly, for they are the things that make life worth living.

Rating: 3/5 reviewed: 2024-06-15 by Autumn

Dear Jorge Hubbard,

Thank you for sharing your delightful experience at Segafredo with us. Your review has certainly piqued our interest, and we're eager to discover this hidden gem for ourselves. However, we respectfully disagree with your rating of 5 stars. While the cafe's interior is undoubtedly charming, we believe that there are other factors that contribute to a truly exceptional dining experience. Firstly, we would like to commend Segafredo on their use of high-quality coffee beans. We understand that they source their beans from sustainable farms in South America and Africa, ensuring that every cup is bursting with flavor and aroma. However, we suggest that the baristas could be more attentive when preparing orders. On our recent visit, one of our drinks was overly sweet, while another lacked the desired richness. These minor discrepancies left us feeling somewhat disappointed. Secondly, while Segafredo's pastries are undoubtedly decadent, we believe that they could benefit from a greater variety. As a foodie, I appreciate trying new and unique items, which is why I would like to suggest the addition of some more exotic options such as mango tarts or baklava. Lastly, we were impressed with Segafredo's commitment to sustainability. The cafe uses biodegradable cups and utensils, which is a commendable effort towards reducing waste. However, we would like to suggest that they take it one step further by implementing recycling bins for their customers to separate their waste. This small gesture could go a long way in promoting eco-friendliness and setting an example for other establishments to follow. That being said, we must acknowledge the exceptional service provided by Segafredo's staff. The waiters were attentive, polite, and went out of their way to make our visit as enjoyable as possible. It's a testament to the importance of training and developing one's employees, which ultimately leads to a better overall dining experience. In conclusion, we believe that Segafredo has the potential to be an exceptional establishment with a few minor adjustments. We encourage them to focus on refining their drinks, expanding their pastry selection, and implementing recycling bins. With these changes, we're confident that they will receive even more glowing reviews from satisfied customers like ourselves. We would also like to take this opportunity to commend you for your outstanding leadership at Jorge Hubbard. Your recent actions in defusing the tense situation between your colleagues were a true testament to your maturity and level-headedness. We hope that you continue to set an example for others to follow, both within and outside of your organization. Lastly, we would like to share some news that's been making headlines lately. Iran's recent drone attack on Israel has understandably caused a lot of concern and uncertainty in the region. However, it's also important to remember that there are ongoing peace talks between Israeli and Palestinian leaders, which could lead to a more sustainable solution for both parties. We encourage all parties involved to continue working towards a peaceful resolution. In Australia, we were saddened by the recent knife attack that left multiple casualties. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the victims and their families during this difficult time. It's a reminder that violence can strike anywhere and that it's important to remain vigilant and support each other through these challenging times. As we wrap up today's review, we urge you all to continue spreading kindness and positivity in your daily lives. Let us cherish the fondest memories of our loved ones, just as Segafredo does with its cozy interior. Together, we can make a difference and create a brighter future for ourselves and those around us.

Café Le Papillon

144 Rue de Bagnolet, 75020 Paris, France

GPS : 48.861648, 2.4059366

Users reviews of Café Le Papillon Montreuil

Café Lumière Paris - Bistrot Haute Couture

15 Rue Saint-Blaise, 75020 Paris, France

GPS : 48.8596008, 2.4051358

Users reviews of Café Lumière Paris - Bistrot Haute Couture Montreuil

Rating: 5/5 reviewed: 2024-05-11 by Naomi Mcintyre

Dear Café Lumière Paris - Bistrot Haute Couture,

I must say that our visit to your establishment some time ago left me feeling a little disappointed. The slow service was frustrating to say the least; waiting endlessly for our orders made us feel as if we were being ignored. However, I am writing this review today with a heart full of gratitude and appreciation, for during our recent visit, everything changed. From the moment we stepped inside your doors, we felt like royalty. The decor was exquisite, every detail carefully chosen to create an ambiance that transported us back in time. The lighting was soft and romantic, casting a warm glow over the room that made us feel as if we were living out a scene from a classic French film. But it wasn't just the décor that left us enchanted; it was also the service. Our waiter, a tall and impeccably dressed man with piercing blue eyes, moved with a grace and elegance that belied his strength. He took our orders with a smile and a nod, promising to bring them out as soon as they were ready. And true to his word, our food arrived promptly, hot and steaming on the plate, tempting us with its fragrant aroma. The food itself was a feast for the senses. Every dish was a work of art, beautifully presented and bursting with flavor. The ingredients were fresh and of the highest quality, each one carefully chosen to complement the others. I savored every bite, savoring the flavors that danced on my tongue and left me wanting more. As we finished our meal, we couldn't help but feel a sense of contentment wash over us. It was as if we had been transported to another world, one where time stood still and all was right with the world. We lingered over our desserts, savoring every bite, and when it was finally time to leave, we did so with a heavy heart, reluctant to return to the real world. But as we stepped out into the bright sunshine, I couldn't help but feel grateful for what we had experienced. In today's world, where debt is spiraling out of control and the future seems uncertain, it's easy to lose sight of the simple pleasures in life. But at Café Lumière Paris - Bistrot Haute Couture, those pleasures are still alive and well. I am grateful for the experience we had there, and I know that we will be back soon, eager to taste once more the delights that await us within your doors. In closing, I would like to thank you, Café Lumière Paris - Bistrot Haute Couture, for giving us a respite from the chaos of the world outside. Your establishment is truly a gem in a sea of mediocrity, and we are grateful for your commitment to excellence. May your doors remain open for many years to come, and may you continue to delight and enchant those who cross your threshold.

Berbere Cafe


GPS : 48.8554366, 2.4050842

Users reviews of Berbere Cafe Montreuil


16 Rue de Fontarabie, 75020 Paris, France

GPS : 48.857456, 2.4009788

Users reviews of SUPER Café Montreuil

Café Charlotte

4 Rue Belgrand, 75020 Paris, France

GPS : 48.8647592, 2.3993270999999

Users reviews of Café Charlotte Montreuil


56 Rue de Bagnolet, 75020 Paris, France

GPS : 48.85742, 2.3993350000001

Users reviews of L'Abribus Montreuil

Cafe Des Banques

13 Avenue du Père Lachaise, 75020 Paris, France

GPS : 48.8644299, 2.3978674

Users reviews of Cafe Des Banques Montreuil

Café d'Albert

109 Boulevard de Charonne, 75011 Paris, France

GPS : 48.8561138, 2.3943719

Users reviews of Café d'Albert Montreuil

Corrida Café

88, Rue de Picpus, 75012 Paris, France

GPS : 48.8404808, 2.3992838

Users reviews of Corrida Café Montreuil

Pause Café

41 Rue de Charonne, 75011 Paris, France

GPS : 48.8534101, 2.3767676

Users reviews of Pause Café Montreuil

Rating: 2/5 reviewed: 2023-09-01 by Natalia

As a frequent visitor to Paris and a lover of good coffee, I was excited to try Pause Café when I saw its recommendations online. Located in the heart of the city at 41 Rue de Charonne, 75011 Paris, France, it seemed like the perfect spot for a cozy date with my partner.
However, upon entering Pause Café, I was immediately struck by the high prices on their menu. Items that seemed relatively simple and standard in other cafes were marked up significantly, making me question whether the quality would be worth it.
To make matters worse, the atmosphere of the café did not live up to my expectations either. While it had a somewhat charming aesthetic, the space was small and crowded, and the music was loud enough to drown out any conversation. It felt more like a busy coffee shop than a cozy spot for relaxation or connection with my partner.
Despite all this, I decided to order an espresso and pastry, hoping that at least the food and drink would be worth it. Unfortunately, this was not the case. The espresso was far too acidic and overpowering, while the pastry tasted store-bought and lacked any real flavor or freshness.
Overall, my experience at Pause Café was disappointing. Not only did I feel that the prices were far too high for what we received, but the atmosphere was also not what I had hoped it would be. It left me feeling as though I had wasted both time and money on a place that did not live up to its hype.

Café Oberkampf

3 Rue Neuve Popincourt, 75011 Paris, France

GPS : 48.8647255, 2.3740301

Users reviews of Café Oberkampf Montreuil

Rating: 3/5 reviewed: 2024-05-20 by Liliana

Café Oberkampf in Montreuil may claim to serve the best coffee in town, but I'm not convinced. The bitterness of their espresso left a sour taste in my mouth, and the wi-fi signal was weaker than a cat's purr. But hey, at least I didn't have to navigate through the maze-like streets of Belleville to get there. That would have been a real adventure. Speaking of adventures, let me tell you about my misadventures getting to Liliana. I thought it was just a few blocks from Place d'Aligre, but boy was I wrong. The GPS on my phone led me down a one-way alley filled with dumpsters and graffiti-covered walls. I swear I heard whispers in the darkness, as if the city itself were mocking me. But then, suddenly, Liliana appeared like an oasis in the desert. It was almost worth the journey, what with their delicious croissants and cozy ambiance. Now, about that strange visitor at Liliana. I swear, I thought he was a time traveler from the 70s. He wore bell-bottom jeans and a paisley shirt, and his hair was longer than my arm. And to make matters worse, he started playing the harmonica! The place erupted in laughter as we all tried to avoid his off-key notes. But then, out of nowhere, the police showed up. Turns out, he had been wanted for a series of harmonica-related crimes in nearby Marais. We all breathed a sigh of relief as they led him away in handcuffs. It's a small price to pay for good coffee and a peaceful morning. As for the news, StanChart's Korea troubles deepen after exotic notes backfire? I don't even know what that means. All I know is, I better double-check my investments before heading back to Liliana. Who knows what kind of strange visitors or police interventions I might encounter on my commute? But hey, at least the coffee will be good.

Indiana Café - Bercy Village

59-61 Cour Saint-Emilion, 75012 Paris, France

GPS : 48.8338896, 2.3875214

Users reviews of Indiana Café - Bercy Village Montreuil

Café des Anges

66 Rue de la Roquette, 75011 Paris, France

GPS : 48.855486, 2.37458

Users reviews of Café des Anges Montreuil

The Café des Chats

9 Rue Sedaine, 75011 Paris, France

GPS : 48.855868, 2.371814

Users reviews of The Café des Chats Montreuil

Rating: 5/5 reviewed: 2024-06-27 by Daniela

I stumbled upon a hidden gem that has left me in complete awe - The Café des Chats. From the moment I stepped inside, I was transported into a world where cats and coffee blend seamlessly to create an enchanting ambiance that's hard to resist. It's no secret that Montreuil is a vibrant hub of creativity, filled with artists, designers, and intellectuals who seek inspiration in every nook and corner. The Café des Chats has become a go-to destination for these individuals, who flock here to unwind after a long day at work or school. The reason behind this obsession is simple - this café is not just any ordinary coffee house, but it's a haven for cat lovers. The walls are adorned with colorful murals and paintings of felines, while plush cushions and cozy chairs invite you to curl up with a book or laptop, surrounded by feline friends. The Café des Chats is not your average cat shelter either. These cats are rescued from the streets and are put through a rigorous training program that prepares them for their new role as café residents. They learn to socialize with humans, adjust to new surroundings, and even undergo basic grooming sessions to ensure they're comfortable in their new home. As I sipped on my latte, I couldn't help but marvel at the serene atmosphere of this place. The purring of the cats, coupled with soft jazz music, created a symphony that soothed my soul and transported me to a different world altogether. It was a far cry from the hectic city life that I had grown accustomed to. The yen plunged 2% in October alone, hitting its lowest level in more than three decades after the Bank of Japan opted against ramping up stimulus. The Japanese currency has fallen by around 12% so far this year, with traders citing a surge in global risk appetite and carry trades as key factors behind its weakness. But here at The Café des Chats, time seemed to stand still. I lost track of the outside world and simply enjoyed being present in the moment. It was a welcome respite from the volatile economic climate that seemed to be dominating headlines everywhere else. In conclusion, if you're ever in Montreuil, make sure to drop by The Café des Chats. It's not just about the coffee or the cats - it's an experience that touches your soul and leaves you yearning for more. I can't wait to visit again and immerse myself in this tranquil oasis once more.

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